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Horse Camp, Texas and Summer Plans

In early September, I was thrilled to be on set to direct my first narrative short film through my production company, Hup! Productions. We filmed with a cast and crew of 20 in New Hampshire, at the beautiful Road’s End Farm.

The weather was perfect, the light was fantastic – it was truly magical. As the director, writer and producer, it was so satisfying to finally be able to tell a story about a place that shaped me as an artist and as a woman. I had dreamed of making a movie at Road's End Farm for many years.

I was also lucky to find an extremely talented, beautiful and accomplished cast of women. I had my amazing husband on set, who served as executive producer, storyboard artist, and production designer. My longtime friend and collaborator, Greg Emetaz, captured the most beautiful images as my cinematographer and Kat Croft, my fearless assistant director kept everyone in line. My entire production crew and cast was incredible and fully embraced camp living. At the end of one our very long shooting days, the stars were so stupendous that we all just laid on the grass taking in the beauty in the sky. 

Since the C.I.T. film shoot, post-production has been very successful. Greg Emetaz, my editor, and I had some excellent long editing sessions to create the final cut. Salomon Lerner wrote an original score which perfectly complements the drama and then recorded his amazing score with the talented orchestra of Virtual Studio NYC.  Doug Johnson, our sound designer, created a detailed and gorgeous soundscape which glues together the C.I.T. world of summer horse camp. This week, we have the last remaining elements of post-production to complete: a final color correct session and final sound mixing. We expect to have the film finished and ready to begin submitting to festivals within the next two weeks. 

I am pleased to wrap post-production on C.I.T. just in time to head to Fort Worth, TX at the end of this month. I will be working as an assistant director on Buried Alive and Embedded at the Fort Worth Opera Festival. In May, I will head to Montreal to serve as the Showcase Director for the OPERA America New Works Sampler. My summer will be spent at Chautauqua Opera, where I will direct the educational outreach show, the studio artists scenes program and assistant direct on La Traviata and The Mikado.