C.I.T. (Short Film)

C.I.T. (Short Film, 2016)


C.I.T. begins two days before the session begins at Blackhawk Farm, an equestrian summer camp for girls. Sarah (Emily Vere Nicoll) is a C.I.T. (Counselor in Training) her best friend, Lizzie (Laura Kiser) is a Counselor. Sarah is just shy of 18, in that limbo state between being a camper and a counselor.

Everything changes when Camp Director, Elana (Renée Bang Allen) tells Sarah a difficult secret about Lizzie that will change their Summer and their lives.


Hup! Productions

Cinematographer/Editor: Greg Emetaz
Music: Salomón Lerner
Costumes: Anthony Paul-Cavaretta

Hup! Productions