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PERFORMANCE REVIEW: Gaetano Donizetti — L’ELISIR D’AMORE (J. Burns, D. Blalock, G. Gerbrandt, B. Banion, E. Mandzik; Piedmont Opera, 15 March 2019) — Voix des Arts

“Directed by Cara Consilvio, Piedmont Opera’s production of L’elisir d’amore was visually appealing, genuinely funny, and touching without being cartoonish, foolish, or embarrassingly sentimental. The pacing of the opera’s action exploited the expert comic timing of the production team and the cast, incorporating a whirlwind of physicality that rarely interfered with the science of singing.”

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Piedmont Opera’s “Elixir” is an exuberant romp through love and laughter — Winston-Salem Journal

“The first-act curtain rises on the entire cast in an exquisite frozen tableau, and that is the last time that there is stillness on the stage. As at harvest-time, there is constant movement, bustle and energy, choreographed skillfully by stage director Cara Consilvio.”

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The Elixir of Love at Piedmont Opera - Interview with David Blalock (Nemorino) — Opera Lively

“One thing Cara Consilvio, our director, is trying to really dive into is the humanity of these characters. It's such a ridiculous, over-the-top plot - boy loves girl, girl doesn't love boy, boy drinks what he thinks is love potion in order to get girl to love boy, etc... But if we portray the realistic side of this story, such as the genuine love that Nemorino has for Adina, then the audience can come along for the ride and hopefully, find the story touching and entertaining, rather than just outrageous and ridiculous.”

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